Has Your Child Been Charged With Delinquency, Being Unruly or With a Misdemeanor? What Happens Now?

In Georgia the “Juvenile Court Code” has established separate juvenile courts that hear the cases involving children. The Courts will hear cases that deal with determining if a child is delinquent, unruly, truant, in violation of curfew laws, or with cases that may be determined to be a misdemeanor in the eyes of the law.

Georgia Juvenile Court Law Team

The Georgia law team of Coleman, Chambers & Rogers are experienced in the State of Georgia Juvenile Court Code. These complex laws can have long term effects on a child’s future and criminal record. To be charged with a misdemeanor or delinquent, specific criteria needs to be met and justified; the courts can charge you with a misdemeanor for an offense as minor as loitering. The Georgia Juvenile Court law team of Coleman, Chambers & Rogers understands the law and how to proceed on behalf of your child.

Atlanta Law Team For Juvenile Justice System

In Georgia delinquency proceedings, the court can officially declare a child a juvenile delinquent, which means that a minor has been convicted in the juvenile court system of something that would be considered a crime if it was tried in an adult court. However, if the offense is considered serious enough, the minor who is 13 years of age or older, can be transferred to a Superior Court and tried as an adult. Call our Gainesville, GA juvenile law attorneys for a confidential and free consultation as soon as you need legal counsel on your side.

Unruly children involve offenses such as truancy issues with school, curfew violations, being in a place where you do not belong, or running away. The Gainesville, GA attorneys at Coleman, Chambers & Rogers are experts in dealing with the juvenile court system.

Coleman, Chambers & Rogers Georgia Juvenile Court Attorneys

Without experienced legal counsel your child may be forced to live in a detention center if charged as an unruly child. Worse, they may wind up in state juvenile detention facilities with violent, older offenders. For a free confidential consultation call our North Georgia law firm today.

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