What Happens During a Child Custody Evaluation?

During divorce or separation proceedings when children are involved it is common practice to determine how custody or parenting time will best meet the child’s or children’s needs.  If both parents wish to retain custody, or if one parent feels that they would make the better choice when custody is involved, a child custody evaluation is often arranged through the court. A child custody evaluation is done by independent examiners who are not hired by one side or the other. The examiner may have very specific instructions from the court, or may be asked to give a general evaluation and report. Your child custody attorney will be able to discuss with you the exact details of the court order and help you prepare for your evaluation.

Child Custody Evaluation in Georgia

The Official Georgia Code on Child Custody proceedings is very specific. During child custody evaluations it is determined which parent would provide the best fit for each child involved in the divorce or separation proceedings. Each child’s needs, developmental level, need for special care, living arrangements, school and medical records, day care, as well as numerous other health, emotional, safety and well-being needs will be evaluated for the recommendation as to which parent would best be able to meet all of those needs. Your Gainesville child custody law team will successfully guide you through the legal process.

Information Used in Georgia Child Custody Evaluations

Georgia child custody evaluations include numerous types of information as well as various forms of data gathering.  Child custody evaluations typically include the use of personal interviews with the parents and children, observations of how each parent interacts with the children, review of school records and any medical and psychological records, interviews with neighbors and other family members, and home visits. In addition, the evaluator may review family home video’s and photographs, e-mails, correspondence or texts, diaries and the like. Any orders of protection, police interventions, criminal history and other legal and civil documents will also be reviewed. Your Gainesville, GA child custody lawyers will review all reports by the evaluator.

Can Child Custody Evaluation Reports Be Contested?

Working with your Georgia child custody attorney will keep you up-to-date on any and all documented findings, as well as assist and direct you through the court process. The opportunity exists throughout the evaluation proceedings to provide any information or documentation related to any findings.  It is important to work closely with your child custody evaluation attorney during this time to assure that all of your rights are upheld and that any concerns you have are brought forward. If you disagree with the evaluator’s report and findings your attorney can challenge the report, provide additional documentation, and request the evaluator be cross-examined as to their findings and recommendations.

Call your Gainesville, Georgia child custody attorneys for a free confidential consultation. Expert representation is a necessity negotiating through Georgia law pertaining to divorce and child custody.

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