Wills Are an Important Planning Tool That Protect More Than Your Assets

A will is a legal document that leaves a clear record of what you want to have happen with your assets at the time of your death. There are many different types of wills that are specifically drafted to meet an individual’s directives.  You may only need to draft a will to deal with monetary assets, or you may need a will that covers personal and business assets, sets up trust funds and spells out your healthcare directives. Using the Georgia law firm of Coleman, Chambers & Rogers ensures a customized will that directs and protects all of your specific wishes.

What Can Be Included In A Georgia Will?

A will is a personal and individual document that will help your family and/or business partners know exactly what you want to have occur either at the time you become incapable of making competent decisions, need prolonged medical care where decisions on treatment need to be made by others, or at the time of your death.  Each will is individually crafted to meet your needs.

Georgia Last Will And Testament Law Team

The Gainesville GA attorneys at Coleman, Chambers & Rogers are experienced in preparing individual and business last will and testaments that include living trusts, powers of attorney, asset protection as well as estate planning. Each will is handled in a confidential manner and your wishes will be documented to uphold any legal action that could occur after your death. While a will is a true and legal document, lawyers with full knowledge and understanding of Georgia law will make sure your will cannot be contested.

When Should I Update My Will?

It is advisable to update your will for a variety of reasons.  It is time to review your Georgia will with your attorney and make necessary changes in the event of marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, the purchase or sale of property or a business, your desire to add or delete a person from the original will, or you change your mind about how you would like your final wishes fulfilled.  The law team of Coleman, Chambers & Rogers offers quick attention and response to your changing needs.  Contact our Gainesville GA wills and trusts attorneys today.

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